Small therapeutic children's homes situated in Staffordshire

About Us


Inspire Care are providers of small residential children’s homes situated in Staffordshire.

Our homes focus on a safe and therapeutic approach, ensuring our children receive the best possible care at all times. Our principal objective is to provide a quality of life that is as close to a family environment as can be achieved by using a good parenting approach alongside praise and reward, ensuring consistent boundaries and achievable outcomes.

Our homes present a warm, creative, extended family home environment. The environment is of high quality and care is taken to ensure it represents security, wholeness, and warmth always. The children’s participation in thinking about all aspects of living together, including the environment, is a significant part of the group work and therapeutic care.

By being therapeutic, we not only manage the children's behaviours, we also help the child manage and understand their own emotions, helping to break their behaviour cycle and incorporate them back into their family setting wherever possible.

More About Us


We continuously strive to provide an inspirational care in order to raise the aspirations of vulnerable and socially excluded children in society. We have a commitment to developing and empowering our children to help them achieve their full potential.

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do are our values. Primarily based on our ETHICS, they provide the foundation of the company.

Empathy, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Compassion, Safeguarding.

They are at the forefront of every decision we make whether it is for our children or our team . Using these as pillars for the company, we can provide a safe and happy environment for all.

Our Homes

We currently have four homes, all providing therapeutic care for our children.

These are all based in Staffordshire.

In keeping our homes close, we aim to create a family environment within our homes, but also a culture where all homes work together.

Our Team

We follow a strict safer recruitment process to ensure the right people are selected to join our team.

We continuously coach and develop our team to ensure the highest possible care and safety for our children.

Our Homes


Our homes have their own personality. They provide a safe, nurturing and warm environment for the children in our care.

Children's Guide


This is an example of our children's guide that are given to all our children. Simply click on the pages to flip them and read the guide.

Work with us


If you would like to join Inspire Care, vacancies are advertised below. If you would like any more information feel free to send a message.

  • bullet-yellow

    Deputy Children’s Home Manager

    : Kidsgrove

    Salary:£34,594 to £36,674

    Job Type: Full Time, Permanent

  • bullet-pink

    Senior Children’s Residential Care Worker

    : Kidsgrove, Wolstanton, Sandyford

    Salary: £31,474 - £32,514 including Sleep ins.

    Job Type: Full-time, Permanent

  • bullet-turq

    Children’s Residential Care Worker

    : Kidsgrove , Newcastle under Lyme, Wolstanton, Sandyford

    Salary: £29,269 - £30,434  including Sleep ins

    Job Type: Full-time, Permanent